This challenge was a bit tricky, but quite interesting, so I thought it would be a good topic to talk about and walk through its solution, along with the thought process I applied to build the solution query from scratch.

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It makes use of subquery, aggregation with the “group by” clause, sorting using the…

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Here’s the coding challenge, on CodeWars, if you want to give it a try on your own or code along: click here. …

If you’re like me, you work pretty hard to create pretty visualizations, that are easy to read and understand by almost anybody. For example, when I plot a bar graph, I want to be able to highlight a certain bar, use different colors for the ticks on the x-axis, choose a nice font for the title, etc.

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Import the necessary libraries.

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The normal distribution is a probability function that describes how the values of a variable are distributed. It is a symmetric distribution where most of the observations cluster around the central peak and the probabilities for values further away…

In this article I will walk you through a simple example for how you can deploy a Dashboard you have created in Python to Heroku. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to CLAP! :-)

Please have below items ready and working:
- Python
- Heroku Account — go to
- Text editor of your choice
- Data from the WHO website, WHS8_110.csv

Creating a Dashboard in Python using Plotly and Dash is out of this article’s scope. If you would like to use the Dashboard I created, you can find the code here, and you’re welcome to…

It is my 6th week in the Data Science Immersive Program, and I’m still loving it. It is quite amazing how much we have covered over the last weeks, and even though it may seem like information overload some days, I am learning a lot and I am really happy with all the skills I am acquiring.

We have learned how to gather data when it is not readily available; how to clean data, engineer features, and prepare for Exploratory Data Analysis and Modeling. The Mathematics behind these algorithms are truly impressive, and even though I cannot claim — yet…

A friend talked to me about Data Science and General Assembly. She is a very successful Data Scientist, and taking the GA Data Science Immersive course was one of the main advantages she had when looking for a job. This is not to say that taking the course worked like magic. …

Being a student in the DSI program means having to complete lots of homework. The most challenging homework, in my humble opinion, are the projects. Every two weeks we are assigned a project, which we have to later present to our instructors and classmates. My first project was terrifying, not because it was a complicated problem, but because I was not sure what to expect, and was sort of drawing a blank when trying to think of something as basic as a “problem statement”.

Here I was thinking that being a Data Scientist meant the problem was going to be…

Cristina Sahoo

I am a Data Scientist with 10+ years experience in the Tech Industry, and a background in Education and Customer Service.

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